DoorDash Rewards

Customer Rewards for DoorDash to build loyalty, increase user engagement and revenue.

Project: Challenge             Time: 1 Day             Tool: Adobe XD

Design Problem

The food delivery space has become an increasingly competitive market, In this current climate DoorDash’s pain points are:

1. Building and maintaining loyalty with their existing users.

2. Winning over users of other food delivery apps and converting them to loyal DoorDash users.

3. Increasing user engagement to increase revenue.


From quick research, I found a study showing 83 percent of customer loyalty programs makes customers more likely to continue to do business with certain companies.

With a highly competitive market in food delivery apps, where customers will regularly switch between apps when faced with any inconvenience, a customer rewards program will drive new users to the app and build/maintain loyalty with existing users.

The more the customers enjoy a rewards program, the more likely they will stick to DoorDash as their primary food delivery application. This in turn will increase user engagement and revenue in the app.

As a DoorDash user, it would be beneficial to have a comprehensive personalized customer rewards program that makes me feel appreciated as a user.


Uber currently does have a rewards program. As a frequent user of Uber Eats, I believe it isn’t a huge priority of the app. At first glance it seems to be beneficial to the user, however the experience is confusing because the user doesn’t just collect rewards.

The user is also given a certain “level” (blue, gold, platinum
etc.) Every point you collect in Uber Rewards is equal to one dollar and as a user on gold level, I must spend $500 (500 points) within 3 months to maintain my level status.

The whole point of the rewards experience is to entice the user to spend more and to get more points to use on rewards. Instead, the user becomes more aware of how much they’ve been spending on food delivery apps, which would discourage a user from ordering food. This was the reason why I deleted all of my food delivery apps. I realized how much money I was spending on food every three months.

Additional User Flows

With a short time span to work on this project, I wasn’t able to design multiple user flows. However, I still wanted to show a variety of different user flows that could potentially be designed in the future within the DoorDash Rewards feature.

Using Your Rewards

For the lo-fidelity user flow, I chose to do the user experience of redeeming your rewards and choosing a specific restaurant to redeem them on.

Hi-Fidelity Screens

For my hi-fidelity screens, I chose to show the initial Rewards page as well as a page full of ways to redeem the users points.