5 things I found out from Adobe MAX

1. People love free stuff.

People will wait in line for an hour just to get a free plain white t-shirt with a simple design - and I just happen to be one of those people. 

2. The bigger the name, the less insightful the talk.

Adobe MAX does a decent job with bringing famous names to a conference filled with people who are 30-40ish years old and don’t know who any of these famous people are. For those of us who are caught up with pop-culture, the bigger names (Billie Eilish *cough cough*) were the biggest disappointments. The artists, designers and photographers that are not considered “famous” on a wide-scale were not only more insightful but they just told better stories. As a designer, you would think that you would be captivated and inspired by the stories that were told by designers but I was actually drawn to photographer, David LaChapelle. Although his photographs were breath-taking, it wasn’t the artwork that magnetized me - it was his story. He comes from a humble background and only ever chased doing what he loved to do and that was to take stunning photos. He wasn’t hooked on the idea of fame, rather the importance of having the ability to share his work with people on a large scale. For those people to see what he sees - the beauty in the world. 

3. The atmosphere is the best way to become re-motivated. 

Firstly, it’s a “Creativity” Conference where you are immersed with 15,000 fellow creatives - what more can motivate you? The crazy feelings you get when you walk into the first Keynote is unexplainable. It gave me chills. Not only this, but if Sneaks doesn’t get you excited for the technology to come, we can’t be friends. MAX Sneaks is a showcase of sneak previews into what the developers at Adobe have been working on. The future of design and creation is limitless. Who wouldn’t be pumped for the ability to expand the innovative-mind? I know I am. 

4. Random sessions can sometimes be the best sessions.

Obviously the majority of sessions I booked were the sessions that had a focus in my choice of career-path (A lot of XD). But I changed my schedule about 4 times during the 3 days and found myself with a wide variety of sessions from marketing to even photography. The sessions with XD were important and will be super helpful, but those “random” sessions turned out to be quite applicable in some way or another with what I want to do in my career.

5. Yes, it is worth it.

Especially if you are a student. If I had to describe it in a sentence I would say it is basically Coachella for creatives - a Creachella if you will. Although each and every one of the attendees are all different whether that be where they are from, what they know or what they are interested in; we are all here for a similar purpose and that is to either inspire or be inspired.

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