Inside the mind of 2020 Brooke

It’s difficult to conjure up the mixed feelings I have coming into 2020 - a brand new decade, my birthday is in a couple of days, the beginning of my last semester and the stress of applying to jobs and grad schools. Through these events in my life I have come to understand the way I like to work and get things done.

A study done in 2007 found that 80 - 90% of students in college procrastinated regularly. Obviously as a college student I have found myself in situations where I have procrastinated on projects or papers that I kept putting off mostly because I just wasn't motivated to do them. Those pesky general education classes just weren't my main priority. I found them pointless during my freshman and sophomore year. As I have gotten older and finally found something that I am passionate about. I honestly like to get things done right away and be proactive because of the confidence it gives me.

This is my method into having a positive and winning mindset. Perhaps it will help someone who is struggling with identifying the problem that causes them to have a certain trait/feeling when it comes to their work. When I'm feeling great or not so great I like to identify why and what caused it, especially if it is something I can control.

I identify feeling my best when I am CONFIDENT.

For me, where does confidence come from?


I know that when I am overly prepared, I can overachieve and exceed expectations.

Where does preparation come from?


It’s hard to prepare for a test when you aren’t dedicated to that subject.

Where does dedication come from?


Motivation is the reason why you are behaving or acting a certain way.

Where does motivation come from?


This one is obvious for me. How can I be motivated to do something if I am not passionate about it?

For me and I am sure for others too, I have the ability to be confident when I am passionate.

My passion for user experience design motivated me to want to work hard on my portfolio. That motivation turned into the commitment and dedication I had to producing a high-quality portfolio. Through finishing my portfolio to the best of my ability, I felt prepared for applying to jobs and upcoming interviews which essentially gave the me the confidence to believe in my work.

Even if I am not interested in doing something, if it helps me towards my passion of that end goal then I will put my 100 percent effort into it. For example I am taking a geography general education class this semester. Only now in my senior year do I realize that a lot of the jobs that I am applying for care about GPA's. So even though I really don't care about learning about rocks and minerals, I will work hard to make sure I get that A.

Everyone's traits are different. These just happen to be mine. I acknowledge my best and worst feelings and the traits that cause them in certain situations. It has allowed me to become extremely proactive in turning my 'wants' into reality.


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