Design a new social feature on the ESPN app allowing users to watch sports entertainment virtually with others while staying safe and being engaged with their friends and family. With this additional feature, users have the ability to group message and video call their friends while watching the game as though they are sitting right next to one another. 

Focus One

Invite Your Friends

Users are able to add friends onto their account to join chatrooms so they can co-watch sports entertainment among friends. 

Focus Two

Create A Watch Party

Create a watch party by choosing a channel to watch and the friends you want to watch it with. This is a customizable watching experience and if you want to add more friends to join, it's easy!

Focus Three

Watch ESPN separately, together.

To keep that sense of community alive within ESPN, users can video call each other allowing people to watch the game together at the same time despite being at different locations. Bringing the “hanging out” experience is extremely important especially during the pandemic. 

With this in mind I thought, how can I increase user engagement within the ESPN application by adding a social gathering experience due to COVID-19?

Wireframes/Usability Feedback

At Home, Users would click on the new group button on the top left and it will redirect them to a page where you can see your friends, Add friends, join a watch party and create a watch party. 

Based on user feedback, for first time users it was hard to understand what “Create” and “Join” mean without any context. There needed to be clear buttons to indicate what each section meant. 

After clicking “ create” users will then choose a channel to watch. They will be taken to a “Start a Watch Party on the court” page where they can either share a code for first time users, or add friends for existing users. 

Users will be able to invite their friends and be taken to the watch page, where they can watch the channel that they have chosen with their selected friends. 

On the Group page, the user will be able to add friends or join a watch party. Through adding a friend, they will have the option to add them through contacts, Facebook or phone number.  

When Choosing to join a watch party, the user will have to request to join that party that was created by a different user. Once you have requested it, the user will have a pop-down notification, letting them know the request has been sent. 

From user feedback, I discovered that people want to know what parties are already going on with their existing friends, this would limit the amount of time it would take to ask your friends what game they are currently watching.

From the request-receiving perspective, the opposite user will be notified of the party request. They may either accept or decline this request. 

Once the opposite user accepts this request, another notification will be sent to the original user letting them know that they have been accepted into the watch party. 

There is also another way you can choose to watch a game/show on ESPN with your friends, with the current ESPN “Watch” Feature. Just like the original app, you would be able to select a show to watch of your liking. 

Users found the original “Dark mode” of the watch feature confusing as the rest of the app was light mode. I intentionally changed this in the wireframes to get user feedback and compare the original design to the new design. Users found they liked this version better. 

The original design had “More Live Events” underneath a show that was playing. I added the “Start Watch Party” tab, as I thought this would entice users to click on it so they would be able to watch the game with their friends.  

Once you’ve invited your friends to the Watch Party you will be taken to the page with the game/show. You will be able to message your friends and it will also indicate if they are in the party with you. 

Users can also watch the game and video call one another at the same time for that social communication experience.