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👩‍💻 Hi there, I'm Brooke

It's nice to meet you!

I'm a Digital Product Designer from New Zealand living in Los Angeles, where I work at Numerade, an education startup . With a background in visual design, my strength lies in website and app design. 

Captivated by innovative and ground-breaking experiences, I believe the combination of design and technology can provide meaningful impact to the world. I solve problems and create positive and meaningful experiences by using intuitive human centered design thinking to create dynamic and intuitive experiences that are inclusive and accessible for everyone to use. Always excited to learn and grow my skills - I love to bring my passion and drive into a project that can ultimately benefit the world around us. 

🎙️ Check out my podcast!

The Un-Qualified Qualified Club is a new podcast featuring myself and Kristina Gabrielyan. We cover topics from finding a successful career path, battling stress, cultivating creativity and everything in between. 

Tune in as we bring guests to provide insight, answer pressing questions, and offer advice for those who are taking steps to be successful in their life and careers.

What I've been up to

as of December 2020


Numerade website monetization & beginning stages of the IOS App

Listening to 

Flume, Six60, JRE Podcast.

Located In 

Los Angeles, California


Sno Cap Marionberry Milkshake and Bangers & Brews sausages in Bend.

Latest Exploration 

Bend, Oregon. Snowball fights, sledding and snowman building. (The snowman's name was Gerald).


The Crown


Photography & Videography with my partners fancy camera.

Reading  Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens

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