1. Due to COVID-19, ESPN will have a ratings decline of as much as 80% due to the pandemic and earn $250 million less this year than projected.

2. Users are no longer looking forward to getting together on the weekends to watch sports. There is a loss of social connection and the sporting community. 

3. Not all is lost, with the rise of the documentary “The Last Dance”, and UFC fights coming back without a crowd, there is still entertainment on ESPN. The only thing missing is the social gathering. 

With this in mind I thought, how can I increase user engagement within the ESPN application by adding a social gathering experience due to COVID-19?

Focus One

Invite Your Friends

Users are able to add friends onto their account to join chatrooms so they can co-watch sports entertainment among friends. 

Focus Two

Create A Watch Party

Create a watch party by choosing a channel to watch and the friends you want to watch it with. This is a customizable watching experience and if you want to add more friends to join, it's easy!

Focus Three

Watch ESPN separately, together.

To keep that sense of community alive within ESPN, users can video call each other allowing people to watch the game together at the same time despite being at different locations. Bringing the “hanging out” experience is extremely important especially during the pandemic. 

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