I design thoughtful and elegant experiences for digital products.

Hello. Yes You! How's your day going? I'm Brooke - A New Zealand born, Los Angeles living, Product Designer for Numerade. I am interested in making your life easier by solving complex problems to create effortless solutions. 


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Product Design, Mobile

Mobile app for video for students to experience video and interactive content to improve their education in STEM

Helping Home

Teach Access, UX/UI, Accessibility

Using AI to improve the lives and maintain the independence of those with memory impairments. Helping Home is a virtual digital assistant to help caregivers take care of their loved ones. 

ESPN Social

UX/UI, Product Design

Expanding the ESPN Sports app with the addition of a social feature to watch sports entertainment to encourage more users logging in to the application. 


Web Design, UX/UI, Product Design

To connect the design community around the world by building skills, careers and creative processes through design events.


Google Design Challenge, UX/UI

An application that provides students at California State University, Northridge with a platform to discover a Mentor or Mentee to help build community connections. 

LAFD Emergency

Los Angeles Fire Department, UX/UI

A mobile app for Los Angeles residents dedicated to emergency specific procedures and alerting users to reduce the risk of injury through immediate disaster response times and overall emergency preparedness.


IntersectLA, Accessibility Internet Rally, Web Design, Product Design

Artpreneurship is a uniquely designed program that embraces the entrepreneurial mindset, specifically for students of art and humanities. While developing their personal work, students in the program can transform that work into an entrepreneurial venture.